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Web Agencies are asking...

A client campaign automates the data collected for that client into monthly reports. Starting at the Weasel plan you'll save 5+ hours the first month automating the monthly report.

Integrations are very opinionted at the moment. It's tools we use to service our website maintenance and support contracts: Invoicing & timesheess (Harvest), Git repositories (GitHub, Bitbucket), Backups (SnapShooter), Website monitoring (Oh Dear), Lead Generation (any website form that supports webhooks). We'll be adding other integrations based on customer demand.

At the moment, the only revenue integration source is with Harvest. If you'd like to see your invoice platform supported, please contact us and let us know as we are planning future integrations based on demand.

Yes, we encrypt all sensitive client data to protect your privacy. All features in Burrow are privacy focused first. Burrow makes money through subscriptions, not through your data.

We only collect the important pieces of data needed to report on metrics: timestamps and up to 5 standardized fields of your choosing when connecting forms. This could include value from a select field that is the same on each form submission.

Yes, we will continue to add other integrations as the product grows. If you have any in particular that you'd like to see, contact us.

We do this to target high quality customers that will instantly find value in Burrow. You can easily cancel your trial before your trial period ends via the Stripe customer portal in your account.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time in your account settings. All Fees paid by you to us are non-refundable. You will have access to your account until current period ends.

We use Stripe Checkout and Stripe Customer Portal to manage Burrow subsriptions. The only credit card information we store is the last 4 digits of your card, expiration date, and card network Stripe provides. This allows us to add context to your billing page and card expiration alerts.