Web Analytics On Steroids.

A game changing tool that helps your web agency increase revenue by providing powerful website analytics to upsell your clients. Metrics everyone will dig.

Why Another Reporting Tool?

Agency Analytics has
zero developer tools integrations.

We wanted a client portal that automates all the activity we do for managing our client's websites. We wanted to deliver more value to our clients. So we built Burrow to integrate & report everything we do for them.

Just connect your data sources

Connect your agency's data sources to Burrow for instant metrics. Having total control over every metric, widget, and design of a dashboard is overwhelming. We know – analysis paralysis.

The important data

Let's face it–marketing dashboards are 99% overkill to the average client. Report on data that your clients' actually care about. The rest is just nonsense.

Offer a client portal

Most of the time clients aren't aware of everything you do monthly for them. Reporting and highlighting those items out monthly surfaces how critical their website is.

Insights like you've never seen

Having agency data spread across several tools is hard to access and comprehend. Having it aggregated in one platform is a game changer. Start to see your agency's entire performance.

When is the last time you've been able to say at a glance? “ We generate over 5k leads per month across all the sites we manage. ”

Analyze Activity Across All Git Platforms

Stop jumping from project to project at each Git platform to view activity, see stats, and copy/paste for reporting. Burrow automates your repository activity and reports on commits, pull requests, issues and more. Easily share project activity with clients monthly.

“ I have yet to use a tool that brings my entire agency\'s production into one dashboard! ”

Austin Siewert, Web Design Consultant
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Push Any Website Form Submission Into Burrow

Any website form that supports webhooks can be pushed into Burrow to automate lead reports for your clients. Logging into every client\'s website to pull lead reports is cumbersome and a waste of time. Dig deeper into form reports with field reporting as well.

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Get Deeper Insight Into Your Agency's Revenue

Burrow automatically dives deep into your revenue and client sales data. Easily see your monthly recurring revenue, customer concentration risk, lifetime value, & many more KPIs. Instantly see forecasted revenue and trends in your agency with rolling sales data.

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Vital metrics

Web Agency Dashboards

Don't be fooled by competitors that promise minutes for setup. Picking out every metric and trying to figure out where you want it on a dashboard sucks. We built Burrow so you can stop doing that.

Automated Reports

Fully automated and done for you dashboards and monthly reports. Say good bye to tedious reporting.

Key Metrics

Quickly bring together and improve your web development agency's metrics with your clients

Historical Comparisons

Other tools make historical comparisons difficult to see. Whenever historical comparisons make sense, we report them

Invoice Forecasting

Easily see trends in your agencies revenue and take action. Set goals and track progress.

Client Benchmarking

See how concentrated your clients are and surface any risks. Like the saying goes, don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Catch Webhooks

Easily push website form submissions into Burrow for real-time lead generation metrics.

Uptime Metrics

Share insight with your client on how their website's uptime and performance.

Backup Reports

Create confidence with your clients by showing reports of when and how often their site and data is protected.

Repository Stats

See metrics on your repository code, activity, and trends with your projects. Use this data to improve collaboration and communicate effectively with clients.

Scheduling Reports

You pick when you want to send reports to your clients.

Burrow integrations*

No ‐ we don't have 50+ integrations and thousands of pre-defined metrics to waste precious hours trying to determine how to best lay out your fancy dashboard.

Plausible Analytics
More coming soon

Web Agencies are asking...

A client campaign automates the data collected for that client into monthly reports. Starting at the Weasel plan you'll save 5+ hours the first month automating the monthly report.

Integrations are very opinionted at the moment. It's tools we use to service our website maintenance and support contracts: Invoicing & timesheess (Harvest), Git repositories (GitHub, Bitbucket), Backups (SnapShooter), Website monitoring (Oh Dear), Lead Generation (any website form that supports webhooks). We'll be adding other integrations based on customer demand.

At the moment, the only revenue integration source is with Harvest. If you'd like to see your invoice platform supported, please contact us and let us know as we are planning future integrations based on demand.

Yes, we encrypt all sensitive client data to protect your privacy. All features in Burrow are privacy focused first. Burrow makes money through subscriptions, not through your data.

We only collect the important pieces of data needed to report on metrics: timestamps and up to 5 standardized fields of your choosing when connecting forms. This could include value from a select field that is the same on each form submission.

Yes, we will continue to add other integrations as the product grows. If you have any in particular that you'd like to see, contact us.

We do this to target high quality customers that will instantly find value in Burrow. You can easily cancel your trial before your trial period ends via the Stripe customer portal in your account.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time in your account settings. All Fees paid by you to us are non-refundable. You will have access to your account until current period ends.

We use Stripe Checkout and Stripe Customer Portal to manage Burrow subsriptions. The only credit card information we store is the last 4 digits of your card, expiration date, and card network Stripe provides. This allows us to add context to your billing page and card expiration alerts.